So what's the story?

We are two brothers who want to spend as much time in God's creation as possible and think it would be great to have you along for the ride. Join us for an epic adventure as we Explore the Rockies! Whether you are looking to explore the beautiful waters of Colorado and discover the fish within, jump on a mountain bike and satisfy your need for speed, or even spend a night camping under the stars next to a crackling fire, you are in the right place. In less than 30 minutes from downtown Denver you can escape the hustle of daily life and discover thousands of mountain bike trails, breathtaking fisheries, and more, but despite our close proximity to the Rockies, it can still be extremely difficult to get started with such hobbies. Not only can these activities cost thousands of dollars to obtain the necessary gear but they also require a certain amount of expertise and knowledge to truly get the full experience. That is where we come in! We would love nothing more than to share our knowledge and love for the outdoors with you. On top of that, if you decide to join us on an epic adventure, we will provide everything you need to enjoy your time to the fullest including high quality gear like a mountain bike or fly rod, transportation starting and ending right at your doorstep, as well as food if you so choose. All you need to bring is a hunger for adventure!

So that's pretty much it! Our goal here is quite simple. We believe more people should experience the beauty of God’s creation and so we created a way for that to be possible. And let me tell you, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have a new passion by the end of the day. Regarding prices, they will depend on what exactly you want to do so please feel free to reach out so we can talk and begin planning our adventure.


Explore the Rockies

Denver, Colorado

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